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I’ve been home for a few weeks now, and I feel like I’m finally equipped to give my final thoughts in regards to my 5 months spent in argentina. if you ever get the chance to study abroad (or travel, for that matter), do it. jesus fucking christ, do it. I never imagined I’d meet such incredible people. I am so lucky to have met the people I did. vodka & speed at (arguably) the shittiest club in the city. drunkenly ordering hamburgers then hauling taxis home at 6am. I’ll never forget.

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oh god. this will always remind me of my busride through argentina and chile. I remember staring out the window and thinking, “holy shit the stars are flickering,” while this song played on repeat

"que mortal!"

there’s a lot of regional slang used only here in córdoba, and this one is by far my favorite - que mortal! it’s basically used in place of “great!” but it literally means “killer!” or “deadly!”

also, fun fact: in norwegian, the word “satan” can be used to express approval and/or as a swear word - for example, after stubbing your toe. \(¬‿¬)>

international friends 4 life~~

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back in june

when I was in lujan

it’s my last week in argentina.

I’m excited to come home, but there are some things I’m gonna miss.

kissing people on the cheek. feeling special solely for being a foreigner. ridiculously cheap alcohol. how normal and socially acceptable it is to be an hour late to everything. asado. choripan. bon o bons. all the people I’ve met. and just spanish, in general.


today, I got moved to the highest spanish level available at my school! I also realized I don’t even have to give my full attention to understand people anymore, which is a drastic change from how I was when I first got here.